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Jesse Klein

来自:纽约州 威彻斯特





Westchester, NY

Residing in

Upper East Side

My Motto

"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough"


  • Been working in real estate since 2012

  • Experienced in negotiating and facilitating real estate transactions on behalf of purchasers, sellers, landlords, and tenants

  • Have a deep understanding in the finance and accounting side of the housing market, including valuation of mortgage backed securities

Property Types Include

  • Residential co-ops

  • Condos

  • Single-family homes

  • Multi-family homes

  • Mixed-use commercial

  • Office

  • Retail


  • 自2012年加入房地产行业至今

  • 具备丰富的谈判沟通经验,作为买方经纪人,卖方经纪人,房东及租客代表经纪人成功完成各式房地产交易

  • 深入了解房产相关财务,会计以及住房抵押贷款证券估价等相关知识


  • 共有式公寓(Condos)

  • 单家庭房 (Single-family homes)

  • 多家庭房 (Multi-family homes)

  • 混合用途的商业房产 (Mixed use commercial)

  • 商办空间 (Office)

  • 零售空间 (Retail)

我在房地产市场相关的财务和会计方面也有丰富的经验,其中包括租房抵押贷款证券的估价。我还拥有研究和销售经验,专注于大纽约地区的商业类型地产。此外,我还与众多经纪人、市场放贷机构、银行评估师和工程师,以及私人房地产投资者有着紧密的合作。作为经纪人,我永远将聆听客户的想法放在首位,确认他们的需求,然后努力满足每个条件。我对房地产业充满热情,也非常积极进取,拥有极高的工作效率。我坚信 “如果你的梦想没有吓到你,那么你的梦想就不够大”,并且会竭尽所能让客户的梦想成为现实。



I have extensive experience in the finance and accounting side of the housing market, including valuation of mortgage backed securities. I also have research and sales experience, focusing on commercial property types in the NY Metro Area. In addition, I have collaborated with brokers, market lenders, bank appraisers, and engineers alongside a private real estate investor. My first and foremost priority as an agent is to first listen to my clients, identify their wants and needs, and then diligently fulfill every one of them. I am equally energetic and driven, allowing for efficiency and effectiveness. I truly believe that "if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough" and will stop at nothing to assure my clients' dreams become a reality.

I graduated from The George Washington University School of Business in 2008 with a concentration in finance. In my spare time, I love traveling to new destinations with my wife, deep sea fishing in Montauk, and watching old Seinfeld reruns. In addition to my daily work as a broker, I am also actively involved as a panel speaker at various forums through my George Washington University Alumni Network. I have participated in several round table discussions at the University’s Center for Real Estate & Urban Analysis, with a focus on topics including Development & Acquisitions, Multifamily Real Estate, Capital Markets, Investment Sales, and Leasing & Property Management.



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